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Insurance TVDE is a compulsory insurance to obtain authorization as an operator of individual and remunerated passenger transport in uncharacterized vehicles from an electronic platform.

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In Portugal, TVDE (Transport in Uncharacterized Vehicle from Electronic Platform) is the term used to designate companies that provide individual and remunerated passenger transport services through electronic platforms, such as Uber, Bolt (ex-Taxify), Cabify or Kapten (ex-Chauffeur Privé).

TVDE is regulated by Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT), which issues the necessary licenses for the activity. TVDE companies are also subject to other obligations, such as adequate insurance TVDE coverage and regular vehicle inspections.

The activity of TVDE platform operator may be carried out by legal persons established in national territory, with proof that they have the requirements for access to the activity.

It should require no IMT o CMTVDE (TVDE Driver Certificate).

For all those who work or want to work as a TVDE driver, you have the possibility to create your own business, have your own schedule and earn income according to demand. However, it should be noted that there are risks associated with this work and that it is important to have the insurance inherent to this activity.

Cars with TVDE identification, according to the law, are cars used for the individual and remunerated transport of passengers in vehicles uncharacterized from an electronic platform. They must circulate with a badge to be identified. The most common carriers using these vehicles are Uber, Bolt, Cabify and Kapten.

According to Law no. 45/2018, art. 12, point 6, TVDE’s must have civil liability and personal accident insurance, which includes the passengers transported and their losses, in an amount not less than the minimum legally required for the activity of rental transport in passenger cars.

You should also note that you must have the car insurance and occupational accident insurance, which are compulsory to work as a TVDE driver.

Civil Liability and Personal Accident Insurance:

Civil liability insurance is mandatory for TVDE operating companies. It consists of protection for persons involved in the company’s activity, in particular vehicle passengers, with the following capitals:

Work accident insurance:

In the course of TVDE activity, occupational accident insurance is mandatory. The absence of occupational accident insurance is punishable by law and may result in the payment of a fine.

The workers included in the occupational accident insurance are:

The purpose of this insurance is to cover medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital care, among others, provided they are necessary to restore the employee’s state of health and working capacity. You are also entitled to compensation for temporary or permanent incapacity, or a pension for reduced working capacity.

Car Insurance:

Car insurance, also known as “third party insurance”, is mandatory by law and has several coverages included and others that you can add optionally, which we always suggest hiring for greater protection. You can consult all the information such as advantages and coverage, on the car insurance page.

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The information on this website about insurance TVDE does not dispense with consulting the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ:

According to the Institute of Mobility and Transport (IMT), a TVDE operator is composed of a legal person adhering to an electronic platform intended to provide passenger transport services in uncharacterized vehicles.

You will not be able to take out insurance for cabs, as the law in force requires you to take out specific insurance for TVDE. For more information, please contact us.

The vehicles that can carry out this TVDE activity are light passenger cars of national registration, not older than 7 years from the first registration, with a capacity of up to 9 seats (including the driver).

The badge must have a rectangular shape of 145 mm x 68 mm, a white background, a 5 mm thick black border, and the inscription “TVDE” in black characters 38 mm high, as well as the inscription of the respective license number in the lower right corner, accordingly.

It must be placed in a removable and visible manner on the right side of the front window and on the left side of the rear window of the vehicle.