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How does TVDE work?

TVDE companies connect drivers with passengers via a mobile app. Passengers request the service through the app, indicating their location and destination, and the platform routes an available driver to pick up the passenger and take them to their destination. Payment is always made via the app.

How can I be sure that a TVDE driver has the necessary insurances?

TVDE companies in Portugal are obliged to provide information about the insurance they have in place. Passengers can check this information on the company’s mobile app or through the company’s website. In addition, TVDE drivers are required to carry a copy of their liability insurance with them during their activity.

In the event of an accident or incident, it is important that the passenger reports the incident to the TVDE company as soon as possible so that the situation can be resolved and insurance can be activated if necessary.

You can simulate insurance TVDE

as it is a compulsory insurance!

Insurance TVDE is a mandatory insurance to obtain authorization as an operator of individual and remunerated passenger transport in uncharacterized vehicles from an electronic platform.

We have the solution for mandatory insurance TVDE and to obtain the respective authorization as an operator.

The TVDE service is an increasingly popular form of transportation in Portugal, offering passengers convenience and accessibility at competitive prices. However, it is important that passengers choose properly licensed and insured TVDE companies and drivers to ensure their safety during the journey.

Make sure you have everything legal to do the job safely

The activity of TVDE platform operator may be carried out by legal persons established in national territory, with proof that they have the requirements for access to the activity.

You must apply to the IMT for CMTVDE (TVDE Driver Certificate).

Legal framework

Law no. 45/2018, of August 10, rectified and republished by Declaration of Rectification no. 25-A/2018, of August 10.

More information is available on the IMT to answer all your questions.

TVDE companies in Portugal are required to have a civil liability insurance covering damages caused to third parties during the activity of remunerated passenger transportation. It is recommended that companies and drivers have a personal accident insurance that covers possible injuries or death of the passenger during the trip. And finally, car insurance, also known as “third party insurance”, is mandatory by law and has several coverages included and others that you can add optionally, which we always suggest hiring for greater protection.


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Insurance TVDE is a compulsory insurance for all drivers of passenger transport vehicles where the activity is carried out on a paid or regular basis. This insurance guarantees the protection of the driver, passengers and third parties involved in an accident.

If you are a TVDE driver, it is important to take out insurance that meets your needs. Our insurance TVDE simulator can help you find the right insurance at the best value for money.

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